Thug Religion

Why we need to stand up for our rights.

Jerry Roth


Thugs come in all shapes and sizes, religions, politics, ideologies. Stand up for your rights.

As the rhetoric and mud-slinging reaches its crescendo, here’s something to think about:

With few exceptions, the countries, religions, and gangs of the world are run by thugs. And the ones that are not are being pressured to be nice and let the thugs continue their thug ways — practice Political Correctness, don’t be rude or arrogant, don’t be American.

North Korea, Iran, Palestine, Pakistan, Russia, Syria, ISIS, Taliban, Extremist Muslims, Klu Klux Klan, Black Lives Matter, Venezuela, Mexico, China, MS-13, even our alleged allies like Saudi Arabia.

The list gets longer every year, thug religions are all the rage.

The world has a very serious need for a leader, a savior, someone to police the thugs and keep them in line. Someone who’s not afraid to hurt their feelings. Someone who can negotiate with them and coerce them to be nicer. Many people think Trump is that person.

Because he’s a thug, he scares some people. Many politically correct people said the world as we know it would end. When it didn’t, the PC Police said the stock market would come crashing down. When it went up to record highs they said our Democracy was doomed and along with it, women’s reproductive rights. When that hasn’t proved true, they decided to blame the caravan of immigrants, threatening to breach our borders, on Trump’s evil plan to destroy the country. And, of course, climate change is his fault as well.

After three years, none of that has come true. The world is just as crazy as the previous Presidents left it. In fact, the opposite has happened. People are working and spending money and opening their eyes to the empty promises made by previous politicians.

Is he still a thug? Yes, but he’s our thug! Everything he does is for the benefit of everyone in America. He is color-blind, gender-indifferent, religion-neutral, capital-friendly, and thinks our government is too big, that it has too much control over our lives.

Argue all you want about his thug attitude, his crazy tweets, and his love of sparring with people who talk badly about him, you can’t argue what he does for this country, our country, your…



Jerry Roth

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