Offense vs Defense

Why is a crime called an offense?

Jerry Roth
3 min readFeb 8, 2021


Tom Brady and Donald Trump are playing offense.
Jordan Greer — Sporting News — Getty Images

What do Tom Brady, Socialist Democrats, and criminals have in common?

They play offense.

What about Republicans and the police?

They are always on the defense.

Offense = Action

Defense = Reaction

My son-in-law is a Dallas Cowboys fan and whenever they play on California television, we watch the game together. He invariably says things about the other team like, “Oh, these guys have a great defense.” Or “We won’t be able to score because their defense is the best in the league.” My favorite is, “Our defense sucks!”

Every time he does that, I remind him that defense doesn’t score, and if no one scores, it will be a very boring game.

Sunday’s Super Bowl 55 was an excellent example of how having a strong offense will generally win the game. Brady and the Buccaneers came out swinging and never stopped, very much like Brady has done for his entire football career.

The Buccaneer’s defense managed to keep Kansas City from scoring, but their offense is what earned them 31 points to win the game.

When someone calls the cops, it almost certainly is not to start something. It’s usually to stop something. The perpetrators are on the offense and the cops are on the defense. Cops, by definition, cannot be on the offense — “Protect and Serve”, “Keep the peace”.

When Brady is offensive, people cheer. When the cops are offensive, people shout, “Defund the police.”

In many board games, as well as sports, being offensive is a good strategy. In business, if you are proactively selling, servicing, or providing, you have a better chance of success than someone who is defending their actions, or lack of action.

In politics, as we have seen in the last 5 years, the Democratic party has been on the offense while simultaneously accusing the Republicans of being offensive. The party that finds itself defending its platforms, policies, and players is considered the weaker player.



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