Corona Christmas in Hawaii

A true story

Jerry Roth
7 min readJan 29, 2021


Covid Death — Covid Death — Covid Death — Covid Death — Fake News
The Most Trusted News is NOT in America

Last month, my Daughter made plans for her and her family and another family of four to go to Maui for a week during Christmas. Eight people total. Flights, hotels, reservations all made, and beachwear bought.

The airline insisted every passenger take a COVID test 72 hours before boarding. As the days counted down, all were excited and a little worried.

When test day finally came, all four of the family members who were joining them passed with negative results. Two of my Daughter’s family passed, as well. But she and her daughter, my granddaughter, did not. They came back positive and all the results were digitally uploaded to the airline making it impossible for her to get on the plane.

This is where science and the news media meet and the war of words, but not facts, starts.

In the beginning, they told us to lockdown and stay home for just a few weeks. We did.
Those weeks turned into months and are sadly starting to look like years.

Then they told us to wear a mask.
We did and still do.
But the number of cases continues to “spike”, the hospitals continue to overflow, and the deaths continue to overwhelm the morticians. According to the news, we are all going to die if we don’t do what our government says.

What if they’re wrong? What if real-life science does not add up to what the media wants us to hear.

In dozens of easy-to-find and easy-to-read posts on official websites, there are articles with the facts explained for anyone who chooses to know the truth. For example, in their haste to help hospitals with emergency money, a government bill was sent out authorizing a $50,000 payment whenever 160 COVID patients checked in for treatment.

Consequently, anyone checking in for any kind of treatment got tested, and if positive, they count toward the “emergency” award, even if they came in for some other ailment.

This bill was meant to relieve the pressure on the medical facilities that everyone assumed was going to occur, since…



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