Why is a crime called an offense?

Tom Brady and Donald Trump are playing offense.
Jordan Greer — Sporting News — Getty Images

Every time he does that, I remind him that defense doesn’t…

How you learn is as important as what you learn.

Don’t stop learning until you die. Read a book.
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Two very exciting endeavors.

When Trading Stocks and Riding Motorcycles, wisdom comes from experience.

Bikers and Traders both start life with a full pot of luck and an…

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Lies and miracles the government wants us to believe

Honest Abe was the last President to tell the truth.
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A true story

Covid Death — Covid Death — Covid Death — Covid Death — Fake News
The Most Trusted News is NOT in America

Greed and Sloth are the most common genres.

Someone who does not read the news is uniformed. Someone who does is misinformed. Mark Twain
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Which one of the 57 genders will be in charge of the press in the future?

Thanks to Science paid for by Capitalism we have the means and the knowledge and the wherewithal to live to be a hundred years old. …

How woke is your mortgage broker?

Mortgages for minorities are turned down more than white mortgages.
A mortgage for you

In an article titled, “Cities Where Black Homebuyers are Least Likely to get a Mortgage,” by Tendayi Kapfidze, we found Sacramento to be number 5 on the list.¹

To be fair, the author did not say or use data that explicitly alleged discrimination. The only criteria for getting on the list was the percentage of loans that were declined. In Sacramento’s case, approximately 20 percent of all loans were denied. But 39.5…

A salute to President Trump? Or an insult to Melania Trump…

Build Back Better would not be necessary if they hadn’t closed it down in the first place.
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Get a job in the entertainment industry

Entertainment is the second largest employer after the government.
Gerd Altmann — RockerFellerenterprises.com

Ennui:/änˈwē/ Lack of Attention or Entertainment.

Humans love to be entertained.

Of all the things we spend our money on, entertainment is right up there with Starbucks and cell-phone plans. …

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